The Carb Tolerant Test

For Each Statement, Give Yourself a score between 1 and 5, then add up the points.

1 = Not True
2 = Seldom True
3 = Occasionally True
4 = Mostly True
5 = Definitely True

  1. Dieting is hard for me because I get hungry
  2. I often feel so hungry that I have to eat something
  3. I would describe myself as having a “sweet tooth”
  4. I easily put on weight and it mostly goes on my tummy (men), Hips (women)
  5. I struggle to lose weight and keep it off
  6. I am always hungry hungry enough to eat anytime
  7. I eat quickly, and finish ALL The food on my place
  8. I have close relatives with diabetes, gout or heart disease
  9. I would exercise more, but I feel sluggish and unmotivated
  10. I am quite overweight, even through I have dieted a lot in my life
  11. I have one or more of the following conditions: Pre-Diabetes; gout; neurological condition; arthritis or other inflammatory conditions; gut-related disorders including coeliac disease and IBS

How did you score?

  • 12 – 27:
    You are probably highly carbohydrate tolerant, and can choose where to set your carbohydrate limit. Quitting sugar is a no-brainer, but the level of overall carbohydrate restriction is your choice from here
  • 28 – 43
    You might have some carbohydrate intolerance, but ti’s not out of control just yet. You could benefit from some carbohydrate restriction by simply reducing your current level or going for moderate restriction.
  • 44 – 60
    You are almost certainly carbohydrate intolerant and stand to benefit from a moderate restriction of carbs using LCHF.

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