To take Exogenous Ketones or not…

This is always a fun subject. Let me just talk about my personal experience with exogenous ketones.. to be specific Keto OS and the Pruvit products.

Keto OS:

I had hit a point in my life where I wanted to change. I decided to “go low carb hight fat” and a good mate had mentioned Keto OS and I thought.. well, lets give it a try! I purchased my 5 day trial and on day three I thought… this is awesome!! and began my Keto OS journey.

I feel great. I sleep great. I have more energy. I no longer feel like I am ruled by food. So I was in. I decided that I liked the way the Max products made me feel and I’ve never looked back. My favourite flavours are the Raspberry Lemonade and the Swiss Cacao. Oh and don’t forget the Keto Kreme! I like to have a bit of variety so I will occasionally buy the limited edition flavours or the Max Fruit Punch. All of the Max products come charged with caffeine or caffeine free have added, AC11 for DNA renewal and are 40% stronger than the other products.

I have never suffered from the “keto flu” and all the other symptoms that come with getting “fat adapted.” Some people will argue.. why would I waste money on exogenous ketones when I am naturally in ketosis by eating and counting my macros… The answer is simple…Keto OS will increase the ketones in your blood.. even a larger increase if you take the Max products.. (40% more ketones then the originals) I do not count my macros, I am in ketosis and I feel great. Why do people take any supplements? It might be protein powder, vitamin c, magnesium. The short answer is it’s convenient. I personally do not have the time and patients to count every macro I consume. For me it takes the fun out of eating  and if you know me you know I am a foodie! I can personally achieve the same result by drinking a convenient yummy drink and following a LCHF/ Ketogenic diet. It’s a personal choice and one that thousands of other people are making too.

Keto Kreme:

So that’s my personal opinion on the Exogenous Ketones. Now lets talk coffee. I know you would have heard about bullet proof coffee by now… What an awesome way to fuel your brain with MCT’s and work to increase the ketones that are already running strong in your body. Pruvit have a product which is next level… Keto Kreme… it’s a creamy coconut, vanilla and cinnamon fat bomb for your coffee which is sweetened with stevia. This little bad boy has so many other benefits a few to mention, MCT’s,  Collagen and AC11 for DNA repairs…. one word, AWESOME.

I have a lot more information on the product and happy to share my experiences. If you want further information please contact me and we can discuss.

Visit our friends at Melbourne keto for more information on Ketones!

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